Provocalips 16 Hour Kissproof Lip Color

This new lip duo promises up to 16 hours of wear.  Kiss, transfer, and food proof color, all without drying out your lips. 

They are designed to be an extremely longwearing liquid lipstick that works in a dual step process.  The first is the liquid color, and the second is a gloss, which adds moisture and shine, each of which feature doe foot applicator.  
Since I love the feeling of taking off my makeup as soon as I get home,16 hours just seems too long to have a lipstick on to begin with If ever the need be, it certainly has the lasting power.  The first time I used this, it lasted the entire day.  Morning coffee to evening tea, and everything in between!  
 First, lets talk about the shades.  All of the colors are not completely opaque with one coat, so a second coat is needed with the lighter ones.  With the initial application, as most liquid lipsticks, this product is very sticky!  It is recommended to wait 60 seconds for the lipstick to set before applying the topcoat, and that is about all the time it takes to dry and set to a matte finish.  The colors that I picked up to try were 550 Play With Fire, which is a red with brownish tones, 750 Make Your Move, which is a peachy pink nude color, 110 Dare to Pink, the lightest of the range, and 310 Little Minx, a vivid pink. 
These lipsticks are so long wearing, in fact that they are actually difficult to remove.  Rimmel recommends removal with an oil based makeup remover, but I just used coconut oil, which did the trick!
Overall, I am quite pleased with this new introduction. 
What do you think?


  1. Anonymous

    These are great and they last for such a long time. I already have the shades 110 and 310, but after reading your post I have to try 550. I am loving your blog!


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