Bold Metals Collection

I already have quite the stash of Real Techniques brushes that have oh so quickly become some of my favorite tools.  When I heard that there was to be a new luxe collection, I knew I had to give them a go.

The brush I choose to purchase is different from any other eyeshadow brush I have used before.  It has quite a bit of surface area, but isn’t too flat, like a typical brush that would pack color onto the lid, and it isn’t too fluffy like a standard blending brush.

Meet the Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush!  This is truly a multitasker.   It allows for application over the entire lid and blending all in one step.  Not to mention, it cuts down on the number of dirty brushes, (for those of you who hate washing brushed as much as me).  The new collection of brushes features a weighted handle that feels nicely balanced in your hand, and a squared off handle that won’t roll away!

Have you tried any of the new brushes?


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