February Ipsy

The makeup hoarding is getting real over here, and Ipsy is just fueling the fire.  It is always exciting when you see that shiny pink bubble mailer amongst the typically bland stack of mail. This month, there were a few great products in my bag.

The first product I got was the ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in the color Peach Bellini.  I have yet to meet a ModelCo product that I do not like.  This is a peachy pink color with a slight highlighting sheen to it.  It will be perfect for the summer, as a multitasking product.  It is also seems to be the full size, which is a great value from Ipsy!  This new blush can be seamlessly applied using the cute brush by Luxie Beauty that I also recieved.  The Large Angled Face Brush (504).  You know what I said about my makeup hoarding problem?  Well, it seems I conveniently forgot to mention the brush collection!  (Whoops!)  This synthetic brush is great for blush and bronzer, the handle is pink and it has a rose gold ferrule, which fits perfectly with February’s Valentine vibes. The bush is vegan and claims to be treated with an antibacterial solution to cut down on the frequency of washing, so I am anxious to see how that works out!  The next product was somewhat of a letdown; The Cargo Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss in the shade Anguilla.  The swatch looked nice on my hand, and it smells sweet, but the color is far too light for me.  Although the formula was nice, the color make my lips look white and way too pale.  The next one was a hair product.  I have tried a few other products from Eva NYC and really liked them.  This time it was the Up All Night Volumizing Spray.  It smells wonderful and cut down on my blow drying time a bit. I did notice, though, that it made my hair feel more heavy than normal.  It works great as a heat protectant, but did not work well at giving my hair a lift.  I’m going to stick to using this on the ends of my hair.  The last product also fits with the theme of the month.  Pencil Me In Cosmetics Natural Eye LinerPencil, in the color Amethyst.  It is a little bit hard to apply initially, but once it warms on your skin it glides right one and stays put with minimal fading throughout the day.  The purple shade complements my brown eyes, is named after the February birthstone, and even has a sharpener attached to the cap, how convenient!  Overall, I was quite satisfied with my bag.  Now starts the countdown to next month!

What did you receive this month?


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