Meet Daniel Wellington

DSC_0596  DSC_0599  DSC_0606

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have probably seen Daniel Wellington watches on Instagram. They are beautifully designed watches with a unique back-story. The line is named after a man from the British Isles that inspired the design with his relaxed yet classic style. The watches feature a variety of strap and case combinations.  Known for their durability, the NATO strap was originally worn by divers in the British navy. Leather bands as well as a leather and cotton combination bands are also available with corresponding clasp colors. The cases come in rose, brushed rose, and silver colors in a variety of millimeter sizes.  With the option to interchange bands, the watches are truly customizable.

Recently, I have become more attracted to small, simple, and minimalistic jewelry. I have had my eye on a certain watch from this line for a little while now, and just received it for my birthday!   Let me introduce you to the Classy Sheffield. The one that I received is the 34mm case in silver. It features a white face with Swarovski stone dial markers.

I love the simple elegance and versatility of the watch and will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of it!


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