Colourpop Trial Run




As far as first impressions go, Colourpop has made a lasting one with me.  After much hype and peer pressure, I decided to make a small online order.  The shadow set that I purchased is new for fall 2015.  The Forever Freshman shadow set includes an assortment of their shadow finishes, which is great for a sampling of their products.  Let me start off by saying that these eyeshadows are great!  They have a consistency that is unlike any others that I have tried.  They are smooth and creamy, and are easily built up, and blended out.  I will be sure to purchase more in the future, (as if I don’t have enough makeup already).

The first of the shades, Crimper, is a metallic finish shadow, which is a soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter.  It adds a pop of metallic shimmer, beautiful alone or layered.  It is safe to say that Koosh is my favorite of this collection.  It is the perfect mix of silver and taupe, with a beautiful metallic finish.  90210 is a satin finish grayish chocolate brown shade with pink and gold glitter.  Now, I know glitter sounds a bit intense, but it is so fine, not at all overwhelming. The last three shadows are all in the matte formula.  Melrose is a rust shade, which works well to warm up any eye look.  As If is a neutral brown taupe shade that is perfect for my skin tone. It works well on the lash line, crease, or all over the lid.  It is the most neutral and versatile shade in the set.  Last, but not least, Baby T is a deep navy blue that looks great on the lower lash line and blends oh so easily.

To round out my sampling, I also chose two Lippie Stix.  Lumière is a pinky nude color that really is universal.  I really do think that this shade could look good on anyone.  On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Ellarie.  It is a deep cranberry wine color, also in the matte formula. I love this shade for the fall and winter, especially in contrast with my pale skin.  The matte Lippie Stix are easy to apply, wear comfortably, and although not as long-wearing as some others I have tried, have a pretty good staying power.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying these products. They are certainly comparable to other much more expensive products that I have tried.

Have you tried any of these products?


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