MAC Lipstick Edit

This is it: my entire MAC lipstick collection… so far, that is!

 Tropic Tonic – This color is a true chameleon color; it looks so different on everyone.  On me, it is a vivid pinkish orange, which comes off extremely bright. It is the matte formula, that is highly pigmented, but it also really does cling to dry patches and does not have the smoothest application. I like to layer it with a bit of lip balm to make it a little more smooth.

Hangup – I was looking for a dark berry colored lip, for the fall and winter that would complement my pale skin. I love the color of this lipstick, but the formula is not the best for such a dark color. It is difficult to get this color to apply uniformly. It works better with a lip liner underneath, but I think it would be much better as a matte or satin formula.

Ruby Woo – This is definitely a favorite among red-wearers. It is a beautiful blue-based cool tone, true red. Ruby Woo is a retro matte formula, which is very dry, so you have to sure your lips are in tip-top shape before even touching this stuff. The dry formula, though is what gives it its lasting power. I like to layer it with my Follow Your Heart lipliner to make sure it stays in place all day. It really is my favorite color for the perfect red lip.

Syrup – This is my favorite lipstick. I do not want to say of all time, you know, just incase I have to eat my words, but this stuff is good. It is a luster formula, which is glossy and moisturizing. It is a cool tone pink nude color with mauve undertones. The only downside to this nearly perfect lipstick is the staying power. It does not last as long as I would like, but it is really easy to reapply, so I will let it slide. I recommend this to everyone, because I really do think that it looks good on anyone.

Lovelorn – This is the most recent addition to my collection. Since Syrup is one of my absolute favorites, I thought I would look for something that was similar to it, with a little bit more pink in it. Lovelorn is a luster lipstick, which I really like for the lighter shades, as it makes it so easy to wear. This is cool toned, bubblegum-ish pink, which is toned down and looks so pretty and girly.



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