Glossier Revisit

A year ago, I made my first order from Glossier. I am one year older, and one year wiser, so I though I would give a nod to the good old times and place another order.

Last year I purchased the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom, Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, Generation G, and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask.  


Of them all, the Boy Brow (bown) and the Stretch Concealer (light) are my absolute favorites. With the concealer, a little bit goes a long way. It is a sheer to medium coverage, and it is for this reason that I like to use it more in the summer months. It works best under my eyes, and not as well for blemishes. The Boy Brow works great on its own, or to set brow pencil. The brush is very small and easy to control the application of product. It is definitely an everyday staple in my makeup bag. In my most recent purchase, I restocked my boy brow because I am almost out, and I can’t imagine being without it!

I completely used up my original Milky Jelly Cleanser, and really enjoyed doing so. I even recommended both of my sisters, who also love it. It is a really gentle formula that removes most makeup without irritating my skin or eyes . This is one I decided not to repurchase. I really liked it, but wanted to give some different things a try.


I still have my original Balm Dotcom in the original fragrance-free and untinted formula. I have been using this pretty steadily throughout the year, and there is still a generous amount of product left. The Balm Dotcom is marketed as a “do-everything skin salve” and this is fitting, but I think only for the original formula. I use it for dry patches on my face and lips, and personally would not want a scented or tinted balm on my face. However, I did decide to purchase the cherry flavor in my latest order. It smells so good, like something from my childhood! And I love the sheer red tint; it looks and smells so juicy.

The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask is still in my collection from the first order, although it is beginning to run low. This mask is gentle, but does give real results. It goes on as a thick milky cream with texture, but dries clear. When I use it, my skin feels refreshed and nourished, and never stripped. I can even tell the difference in my makeup application after using it.

fullsizeoutput_637cThe priming moisturizer is a brand new one to me, and it is one of my favorite additions. It is the best of both worlds. It gives skin moisture without looking greasy, and provides a fresh canvas for makeup. As it is worked into the skin, it gets a bit of a tacky texture, which prepares it for makeup. Even worn alone, my skin looks more plump and even. This has become a fast favorite.

There is one product that did not quite measure up to the others. The Generation G lip color in the shade crush was one of my original purchases. It gave a very sheer wash of matte color on my lips, which I really liked, but it made my lips feel dry and I found that it dragged a lot upon application. But the thing that really turned me off of this was the smell. To me, it smelled almost like cigarettes! It was so unappealing, that I had to stop using it, and eventually lost i! I really liked the concept of this product, and would be willing to try it again in the future.

fullsizeoutput_637aSo, that’s it! I hope this little review / revisit was helpful to you. Overall, I would certainly recommend Glossier as a brand, and have been more than happy with everything I have tried.

Which have you tried?


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